Roll Through the Area's Best Car Wash

Come to B52 Express in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Is your car dusty, dirty, grimy or salty? Roll through B52 Express today! Our car wash is a favorite among motorists in the area. Our high-pressure cleaning technology is fast, safe and effective. When you see your vehicle's like-new sparkle, you'll be glad you stopped by.

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We'll get your car clean and shiny

At B52 Express we offer a comprehensive car wash that's appropriate for all vehicle makes and models. Our car wash includes the following steps:

  • Pre-prep spraying
  • Bug cleaner treatment
  • Lava Shield shine treatment
  • Hot waxing
  • Ceramic coating
  • Triple-foam cleaning
  • High-pressure rinsing

Don't forget about the interior! We offer complimentary interior vacuums to help you complete your car's day of pampering.

Roll through B52 Express today.

car wash grand rapids mi

Grand Rapids, MI